know-how : blending

Subtle blendings

  • Cuve protégée au Chai du Domaine de la Grange
  • Cathédrale ou Chai du Domaine de la Grange
  • Thierry Dell'Ova au sein du Chai
Upon arrival at the cellar from the plots, the grape varieties are separated and treated individually.
The winemaking is done in a tempered atmosphere due to the isolated structure of the closed cellar (covered, thermal insulation by glass wool under the whole roof, thermal regulation by circulation of water in giant stainless radiators when needed.
The fermentation will last from 12 to 30 days depending on the type of grapes and the climatic conditions of the plots year by year, plot by plot.

The blending of each vintage will be a dosage, a distribution decided according to the individual characteristics of vinification at date. The blending is the final decision of the cellar master : Thierry Dell'ova.
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