Le Domaine 

Domaine Dell'Ova

Le Domaine  DE LA GRANGE 

  • Les frères Dell'Ova dans les vignes du Domaine de la Grange
  • Le Domaine de la Grange Médaille d'Or au Concours Général Agricole

Since 1971, this 160 acre Vineyard was acquired and is operated by the Delll'Ova family, father and sons.
In 2009, the decision of going to organic production and wines was taken and Thierry and André Dell'Ova and the Domaine entered a 3 year process to get the Label Bio ( organic production State and EU certification).

Since March 31, 2012, the vineyard of Domaine de la Grange is fully organic and AGRICULTURE BIOLOGIQUE certified.
Thierry (winegrower and cellar master) and André blend and age different organic wines labelised :
- AOP Fitou ( or AOC, it is the same, standing for : AOP : Appelation d'Origine Protégée, and AOC : Appelation d'Origine Contrôleé).
- AOC Rivesaltes,
- AOC Muscat de Rivesaltes.
as well as organic wines under the label VINS de France (Rosé, red, white).

All the vine plots of Domaine de la Grange are located on La Palme territory, and benefit of State Controlled Naming (AOP or AOC Fitou, AOP or AOC Muscat de Rivesaltes) guarantiing the origin.
The vine plots are in a maritime ecosystem, benefiting sea sprays when marine winds occur, while in a dry and windy zone. 

These sea sprays come to refresh the vine planted on a particularly dry but rich ground, which delivers grapes with splendid concentrations.
The Domain plots are on the best lands of La Palme, in the ground-rich plain from La Palme to Fitou.



The land of the Domain has an over multi-millenium history of human occupation. Wild Vines existed as far as -600 B.C. . Wine (or so) was traded with Emporia in Spain - a phocean free-trade zone (factory). Emporion  (Emporia, Ampuries) means ... "trading place". .  Read more 


The 160 acres of organic vine mainly include :
  • 46 acres  AOC Fitou

    • 42  acre of Carignan, 
    • 24.7 acres of Grenache Noir ( black grenache), 
    • 24.7 acres of Syrah, 
    •  22.2 acres of Mourvèdre

  • 5 acres  AOC Rivesaltes 

    • Grenache Blanc (white grenache)
    • Grenache  Gris ( grenache gris)
  • 7.4 acres AOC Muscat de Rivesaltes

  • Close to  22 acres of One to Three Year of new vines.
The average production is round 17,35  ton/acre  (original data : 30 hl/ha) which guarantees a perfect quality and character to the wines.  

In addition to the gobal approach of organic wines, several solar panels have been installed on the roofs of the Domaine in a "green program".