AOC Fitou Via Fonteius 2016 - Organic Wine

AOC FITOU - VIa Fonteius 2016
Number of Bottles: 9.000 3.600 - Vin de Garde: 8 years 
Manual bottling, traditionnal cork 

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A deep and intense Robe, a fine nose with scents of dark-red fruits, lightly wooden hints, long lasting on the palare, it is powerful, one identifies ageing with spices and roasted notes.

Pairing with

Red meats in sauce,
Furred wild Game,
Coq au vin,
Mediterranean cuisine

Soil: clay/limestone/stony

Organic Approach  :
 Ploughing plus inter-vine, organic fertilizer and face-to-face treatment.

The grape harvest is destemmed, the vinification is 21 days long, one delestage, the temperature is controlled between 23 and 27 degrees to preserve the fullness of the aromas. The fermentation is made in stainless steel tank as well as the conservation. The 10 month aeging is made in stainless steel vats. 

Certification  Ecocert  for Organic Agriculture.